What is PADI? And why you should choose a PADI certified course PADI stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors Website: www.PADI.com PADI is a US based privately owned corporation with a worldwide reach. PADI courses are widely regarded as “the way the world learns to dive.” You will find PADI dive centres all over the world.

How to dive Phuket Last week we convinced you why to dive in Phuket. Now lets get down to details. When to diving Phuket is an all year round destination and local diving day trips run 365 days of the year. That being said there are different seasons: Phuket diving seasons: November to February: North east

Why Phuket diving? A world class holiday destination with world class diving The great thing about Phuket is that it’s got everything. There is amazing diving and so much more as well. There is really no reason not to come to Phuket. No resort diving Day trip diving from Phuket is unlike many other more remote diving destinations